by - Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm pretty active on Twitter (@carmenincalgary).

Twitter has increased my awareness on so many things. I followed the mayoral race in Calgary like I'd never before followed politics. I'm more interested in the Canadian election (if you can call trying to dodge the attack ads interested at this point) than I've ever been before.

I cheered for Canada during the Olympics, and for the Canucks during the NHL season.

I've met some great people on Twitter that have become friends in real life, and some real life acquaintances have become good friends through Twitter.

I've been engaged in discussions that while I didn't share the same opinions as the person I was tweeting with, I saw their point as educated and gained from the discussion. Heck, I even follow some Flames fans.

I've bitched on Twitter. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes I am damn funny on Twitter. Well - not just sometimes. I'm regularly quite funny on Twitter.

But one thing I won't put up with on Twitter is being insulted. Or for people who read far more into a tweet than necessary and project the tweet upon themselves.

Twitter is a global community, and it is pretentious at best to think that I'm speaking about "you" when I tweet.

You will be unfollowed.

Because my Twitter community is made up of people of my choosing.

Which is exactly how I choose to live my life. Why would Twitter be any different?

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  1. unfollowing isn't enough in my opinion. thats when you block their asses!!

  2. So many don't allow for subjectivity and perspective when reading the 140 characters...or even 3000 blog entries, for that matter. It wouldn't matter where they are, or what anyone is all about them and their little bubble.