The Year that Wasn't...

by - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It wasn't our year I guess. But I'm still proud of the Canucks for the year they did have - the Presidents' Trophy, the Stanley Cup Final and bringing the city of Vancouver (and my apartment in Calgary) to their feet night after night for the last two months/

I'm taking a break from social media for awhile (I'll still keep blogging, because thankfully most people that read my blog couldn't be bothered to take cheap shots at me, and most blogs I follow have nothing to do about hockey) because I am tired of all the shit that this "social media" age has "added" to the playoffs. It seems like because I have access to more information, both good and bad, that I go on overload every once in awhile and just need a break. It's either that or lose my shit, and I'm taking the high road.

To the Canucks... I am proud that you are my team. I don't think enough credit has been given to you by the national media this entire post-season. Maybe I'll write a post about that later... once enough time has passed for me not to be considered a "whiner".

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