by - Thursday, July 14, 2011

 I had Google+.

And then I got rid of it... cause everyone I was "friends" with on Google+, I was also friends on Facebook and Twitter with. And really... how much more me do people really need?

Ultimately, I wasn't happy with the security settings... while I don't really hide this blog, you can't find it by searching my full name, and I didn't like how you could find it but clicking enough in my Google+ profile.  What I want searchable by my whole name are sites like LinkedIn, and (even though I haven't figured out exactly what that one is - except for the fact that I link to LinkedIn from it).

My blog, my twitter - those are me... I don't want my rants, my occasional swearing outbursts, my pictures of scantily clad Stampede whores and the such to be part of my public persona.  Yes - it is me, and to be honest - I'm not much different in the "real" world than I am in the Twitter or blog world, but I don't necessarily want it to be someone's first impression of me.

Buzz Bishop (@buzzbishop) posted a link on Twitter the other day (specifically pointed at my arch-nemisis of Twitter which was pure awesomeness) for the Twitter Test.  And because I'm not 100% sure I'd want a potential employer to be able to pre-screen me (not that I'm looking for a job at the moment, and don't think that potential employers aren't doing this - if your naive enough to think they aren't, well, perhaps you shouldn't be looking for career jobs if you have a drunken bikini-clad photo as your searchable Facebook profile picture) I want to say reasonably anonymous... or as anonymous as one can be with an open block and unlocked Twitter account.

I want you all to warm up to the rage-y me... really, I'm rather quiet when I first meet people.

Plus... who needs another bloody site to update? Keeping my Facebook updates witty is hard enough work.

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  1. oh theres another social network? I have decided to be left in the dust with the next greatest thing. It's too much work! lol