Blogging Mojo?

Posted by on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wow... it looks like I've gotten some sort of blogging mojo back...

Perhaps it is all the comments I've gotten lately - thanks ladies (and Mom!)... I do appreciate it, and I am sincerely going to make an attempt to comment more on all of your blogs - I do read every single post.  It's kind of weird to "know" you guys... even though in most cases we've never met.

I had to send a follow-up e-mail yesterday that I didn't enjoy sending and by sending I know I'll be perceived as a bitch by the receiver, but I need closure.  I don't need to work on that persons timeline anymore - I'm working on my timeline... and if that makes me a bitch, than so be it.  I can be the Queen of Bitches if I need to be to get things done.

This week has been great for the most part... I sold 50/50 tickets to an Olympic gold medalist, one of my dearest friends from University is in such a good place in her life (and I'm so happy for her), and I get to sleep in for two more days.

We won't talk about the Canada/Russia game I saw at the World Junior Hockey Championships tonight.  It was a toughie.

Or the fact that I have to go back to work on Friday.  The real world is gonna suck after two weeks off.


  1. It is funny how much blogging creates such an intimate community! I mean definitely some of my closest friends are people I've never met!

  2. +55 for more blogging! and more comments from me.

    enjoy the last couple days off :)

  3. bettering yourself never makes you a bitch, it makes you a woman who knows what she wants, and where she is going! don't lose sight of that!

  4. thank you!

    keep up the blogging - I love it!