I've determined my superpower...

by - Saturday, April 14, 2012

And it's not necessarily a good one.

I think I shall forever be known as "The One Date Wonder".

I've gone out on more first dates since breaking up with my ex than I had in my entire life leading up to that point.

And not one has (or will) materialize into a second.

Nice guys... just not for me.

I've been interested in one, never heard from him again.

Several have shown interest in me, but there wasn't the spark on my end.

There have been a couple where there was no mutual attraction.

And then there was the one that had a "if you're interested in this man seriously rethink it" website dedicated to him. Seriously, the first thing that pops up when you Google him is that website.  Wowzers.

One day, I'll have a last first date. 

The only reason I hope it comes sooner rather than later is that I'm tired of awkward first dates.

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  1. Sooooo, you'll be sending me a link to that website - right?


    Er, as for dating. Dunno man. Some of the most awesome-est women I know have this in common. I figure part of the burden of being awesome is that you don't settle for shit.

  2. oh how i can relate! It is so much work to go on first dates, especially when nothing comes of it. I don't know where Mr. Right is hiding but i think as long as you believe he is out there and don't settle he'll come along!