158 Days...

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 According to my Tripit app, it's now only 158 days until I leave for Istanbul.

Which may seem like a lot (and yeah... I know that it is), but considering I booked the trip 132 days... really, it's like I'm halfway there.

Or so I tell myself anyways.

In honour of being *this close* to travelling, I think I'm going to start a weekly travel post... talk about some of my plans, the cities I'm visiting... and perhaps even some of the things that are scaring me witless about travelling to countries that the English language is not a "given", but don't use the Latin alphabet.

Greek? Cyrillic? Ack!!

And don't even get me started on the currencies... so many different types of money.  I'm going to need about ten wallets to keep everything organized.

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  1. Love the travel sharing idea...

    1. I'm slowly coming up with some ideas... I have a lot of draft posts!

  2. what an exciting adventure!!!