Someone please take away travel deal emails from me...

by - Thursday, November 21, 2013

(via Mike Reyfman Photography)
I had originally planned my next trip to be to Australia and New Zealand in either Spring or Fall 2015.

But then I got an email about a deal to Iceland for Spring 2014.

So I booked it.

Less than $1000 for a return flight, single-occupancy accommodation (I just checked the web and to book the accommodation alone without the deal would've been about $800), two day-long guided tours, a couple of extra perks (like free internet, which is kind of a big deal to me), unlimited access to the spa and a fancy Icelandic breakfast.

Some people book week long all-inclusive vacations to Mexico for $1000, I book week-long vacations to Iceland.

Go figure.

But I bet my views will be better than anything you can see from a beach in Mexico!

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  1. So jealous!! I've only flown in and been at the airport! I'd love to go to iceland and ride iceland ponies.