Broken Ankle Diary... Day 3

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Things I learned today...

- showering is not worth the effort. I will be sponge bathing and washing my hair in the kitchen sink for the foreseeable future. 
- carrying around a small bag makes for less trips between rooms - cause you can't carry a can of soup while trying to use crutches. Trust me. 
- being tall is good... I can get around the kitchen on my wheeled desk chair, and I can reach all my dishes while still sitting.
- I'm glad I've never smoked... in my research today on how to heal bones quicker, I learned that smoker's bones heal twice as slow as non-smokers. I also learned sadly that mainlining milk won't help. 
- I didn't know what nose lube was until today (I had oxygen pumped in my nose for about 16 hours in the hospital... against my wishes... but "protocol" won out) and I was getting bleeding noses all day until my dear Sarah brought me nose lube. She's pretty much my hero...
- stubbing the toe of your good foot on your crutch and needing to brace yourself (although not fully) on the leg that just had surgery kinda really hurts... but I'm still pain med free.
- I used to have five pillows on my bed.  Now seven doesn't feel like enough.
- I could really use a left butt cheek massage. 
- I really wonder why they had to ask me about half a dozen times to confirm which leg they were operating on...

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  1. I came on yesterday and tried to post twice and it kept failing - so here I am trying again today.. hope you are doing well - the arrows are great - you'd think that was enough of an indicator for them but I'm sure that someone ended up waking up with the wrong leg done at some point to cause them that much concern. Wish we were closer so we could come and help out. With all the quiet time I look forward to all the pinterest and twitter posts :)