On the eve of 37...

Posted by on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I turn 37 tomorrow.

This means I can officially enter my mid-life crisis, as I plan on only living until my early 70s.

Is it weird that I want to die in my early 70s?  It's for a couple of reasons - I don't want to get old and frail (I'm pretty much already guaranteed arthritis due to my broken ankle, and I've just found out I have a degenerating disc in my back)... and I don't want to shrink.  When you've been close to 6' tall your whole life you can't just lose 6" without the skin going somewhere.  And I don't need 6" of ankle flab thanks.

It's been a pretty good year.

- presented at a provincial, regional and national conference for work - which has meant trips to Vancouver and Montreal
- travelled overseas to Iceland (I'm now at 32 countries visited)
- paid my mom off 10 months early the rest of the money I borrowed for the down-payment for my condo
- paid off my car
- finished a Technical Writing Certificate - my first venture into school since I graduated with my degree
- added another Cirque du Soleil show to my repertoire, and also saw shows by the Alberta Ballet, Broadway Across Canada and Theatre Calgary - I'm getting cultured!
- saw the Dixie Chicks, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley in concert - it was a country music year for me
- saw a bunch of live sporting events, including NHL games in two different cities, the WHL, the NLL, and the CFL - I like sports
- signed up to volunteer at two Canadian Curling Association events in early 2015
- broke my ankle
- lost over 30 lbs and have kept the weight off for over six months now!

Let's hope that my 37th year is as good to me as my 36th!

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