Meal Planning

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

Over the past year, I've lost and kept off just over 30 lbs. I'm up a bit from my lowest, and my goal is still to settle at 5 lbs. less than my current weight, but overall I'm pretty happy. Breaking my ankle in January put a kink in most physical excersize, so I'm a little "mushy", but I'm hopeful to get back into my floor hockey groove in the Fall. 

My weightloss can be attributed about 90% to a change in my eating habits. I've cut snacking, watch portions and try to choose healthier options when the choice is there. That said, I haven't cut completely out of my diet treats, and I've been known to splurge on a few occasions (I say to jump start my metabolism, but sometimes you just need a Five Guys burger and fries).

The hardest part (for me) in making healthier decisions, is the fact that I'm cooking for one - and I hate leftovers. So, in order to plan my meals a bit better (and plan the few leftovers I will eat to be lunches at work) I've started planning my dinners a week in advance. 

Breakfasts for me are always the same - cereal with skim milk... usually Cheerios. Lunches can be any one of numerous things - salad (I'm currently binging on a recreation of a salad I ate last time I visited Vancouver), a Michelena's frozen meal or leftovers - generally with yogurt. 

Dinners for one include (since it's grilling season) steak (with a small baked potato and asparagus), a homemade Thai chicken curry that I love, homemade sushi and salmon (with grilled potatoes and veggies). And sometimes it's hog dogs and fries!

Planning these meals in advance means a couple of things - I have the necessary ingredients each night, I can can keep my food budget to a minimum (both buying things on sale and keeping spoilage in check) and I'm not tempted to eat out. This week includes two nights of steak, two nights of Thai curry, sushi tomorrow and a planned dinner of salmon, a poached egg with hollandaise sauce and asparagus - this will be my first try of that!

I've been scouring Pinterest for meal ideas, and am trying to make a concerted effort not to just pin desserts (although there are so many and they look so good). Hopefully I'll find a few new ideas to add to my repertoire. 

Is meal planning something you do? Does anyone else find cooking for one hard?

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  1. im a singular person and I share your dillema! I make a week of meals on a sunday and freeze for 2 weeks. it works perfect for me because i hate the idea of cooking every night for myself, and it's so convenient! I make one huge meal of chicken and veggies. not many people can eat the same thing every day though, but I don't mind. one thing i'll share is my trainer said to have protein at every meal, so i started having cottage cheese for breakfast with fruit. and i found it sustains me longer than a cereal did. but you just have to find what works for you! thinking ahead is a def. plus! kudos!