The Reason

by - Friday, September 08, 2017

Today was one of those days, one where you realized why you do the job you do. 

It's not because of the administrative bullshit and everything that goes with that. 

Or the paycheck (although that's a definite perk).

It's because I feel like I can really make a difference. 

I had a client today. I'd never seen this person before, but after we talked, after the client opened up to me, after tears were almost shed (by both the client and myself, but I'm hopeful I contained myself in front of them and seemed reasonable composed), the client thanked me, thanked me for listening, thanked me for offering all of the hope and help I can, and just seemed thankful that they had a person that they could talk to. I'm not an expert in everything, especially mental health issues, but I can listen, I can be a voice of reason, I can be a cheerleader, I can attempt to de-escalate issues, I can share my stories and I can give referrals to the people that are the experts. 

After the appointment, I needed a moment to compose myself. I help people all the time, but rarely does it feel as good as it did today. 

I do my job because I genuinely believe that I can help people, and the work I do does make a difference. 

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