Hello 2018!

by - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Well, hello little piece of the internet that I redesign every 18 months or so, write a post that eludes to me needing to use this space as an outlet, only to not log into for a few months at a time!

My Twitter friend Michelle (who I'm sure I *met* over blogging back in the day) has recently started a new blog 100 Days at a Time, and since I'm a big, giant follower, I'm using her blog as motivation for me to write more.  And like her, I can promise there will be some rants.  Some small.  Some epic.  Rants are my favourite.

What's new with me? 

Well, I've booked trips to New York City and to the Southern Caribbean for the Spring.  Last year I visited six new countries, and didn't blog about a single one of them.  I've joined a DietBet.  I'm still single (and for the foreseeable future, that fact ain't going to change).  I'm still trying to reinvent myself as a minimalist, but without being overly minimal.

No promises... but I'm hoping that this page will be updated slightly more than randomly from now on.

So yeah... any tips on what to do in 72 total hours in NYC?

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