Woohoo for UHU!

by - Sunday, January 28, 2007

So - on a lot of the blogs that I visit regularly (okay - blogs that I stalk...) they were mentioning getting free UHU glue samples... needless to say that as a Canadian, I didn't think that they would send me free samples - but, boy was I surprised when I got a confirmation e-mail that my samples were in the mail! And even more surprised when they arrived Global Priority Express - these girls knew I needed glue!!

Tomorrow I am planning on making on of the cute coaster boxes that Taylor Van Bruggen wrote a tutorial on SCS for... then I will let you know how the glue worked... from what I hear the scrapbooker's glue works great 'cause it doesn't make the paper warp... we will see! I am also going to tackle some of the cool giant paper clip bookmarks that Iris and 11Valerie11 gave directions for on SCS as well... crafty little me!

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  1. very neat ideas... the coaster box looks so good! thanks for the ideas :)