Finally... a Giant Clippie Bookmark...

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Okay - I have been wanting to make one of these for AGES... and I finally got my act in gear. Truth be told... this is probably the reason I bought a cuttlebug... that and the embossing folders... and the cool alphabet... okay - I just talked myself into believing that I bought the cuttlebug for more than one reason.

You can get the instructions for this cute little clippie by visiting 11Valerie11's SCS album... I think that she was the first to start this craze! Oh - and I just thought that I would show you just how many toold are needed to create one little big clippie... the clippie is one of the smallest things in the picture!!

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  1. gees it looks like you could also go into dentistry with all that gear... holy :)

    thanks for sharing the clippie - cute idea!

    can you show one of your trading cards - I just found out what they were tonight - very interesting... is yours hockey based?

  2. How was your Hockey game last night? Did you kick some bootie? I am SO sick right now that I can't imagine doing anything.

    Take care

  3. ik yl;lle - this is kyle typing... - he just wanted to check out your site tonight :)