by - Friday, March 30, 2007

I gotta a raise!! I put in my PDQ (Position Description Questionnaire) at the end of October and it was finally reviewed - and I went up a pay range!! So, now my pay goes up per paycheck, and I get retro pay for the last six months while my PDQ has been sitting on various desks throughout the university. I am now the highest paid Advisor - although I fully believe that the rest of them should go up as well. But you know the funniest thing - the reason I went up in pay is due to my dexterity - like I type faster now then when I got paid less or something dumb like that... but I will not complain - I am going to be rolling in moola (or at least my pay went up enough to cover the fact that I now have to pay for my cable TV)...

What else? I have a project that I am almost done - I am trying to figure out if it needs any more bling or not. I used the Basic Grey Precision Filing Set... I really like it and it is very good quality. By the end of the weekend I will be able to post the finished product. I finished my ATC's for my Bella swap - I will post them when I get all of swaps back - just in case someone that I am swapping with happens to read my blog.

As for my older man dilemma, I am in a pickle. I am not willing (or confident enough) to outwardly pursue him, but I will try and subtly let it know that I am interested... I'll try anyways...

Okay - off to watch Vancouver play Chilliwack in the WHL playoffs... it is so nice to sit back and watch the other teams when you know that your hometown team is through to the second round!

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  1. Congrats on the raise!! Gotta' love the extra cash!
    What did you think of the brawl at the end of the Giants game? I was listening (can't see the t.v. from my computer) and my husband hollered to come look. I was afraid that some of the Giants players may get penalties that would effect the next round of the playoffs. We may be going to a game or 2 next round. We went to all of the home playoff games last year (no Canucks hockey to interfere).. We'll see.
    C ya' soon!
    Heather L.