by - Thursday, March 29, 2007

And it has nothing to do with hockey!!

I just picked this up at Value Village for $3.99 - brand new -even has the instructions and the box!! It is listed on the Pampered Chef website for $71.75! I don't know what made me turn my head (normally I only look at the books - the rest of the store is just too much for me)... but I saw this and grabbed it!!

Now if only I can find a use for it! But it was such a great deal!

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  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Is it possible to slice and dice a chocolate bar on that thing? How about your infamous potatos (Carm's classifies potatos as a key vegetable - yes, but once you add shit like sour cream, bacon bits, chives - well, they are ok - cheese, salt, etc it DOESN'T count!).

    At any rate, good score!

  2. I totally don't add cheese and salt to my potatos!! :)

  3. Obviously you could cut tomatoes.

    Do you make scalloped potatoes? Mmmm, sliced zucchini and then pan fried with lemon juice and feta cheese.

    Now I'm hungry.

  4. FANTASTIC FIND!!!! A brand new PC Mandolin that is great. When I come I will show you what to do with it...makes quick and easy stir-frys etc. I want to add one to my registry but I don't think Shane sees a need for it.

    And potatoes are key and with a deep fryer that makes fantastic chips..even sweet potato ones.

  5. Hey...I make great stir fries with mine. But if it is as sharp as mine, beware... Several years ago, I took the top off of my finger..had to go to the ER and everything.