We Won!

by - Monday, March 19, 2007

Woohoo! My hockey team just beat the best team in the league in a playoff game... it was a good game... high paced and not a lot of complaining from the other team (they are kind of whiny - especially when they are losing). Now we play on Wednesday at 5:00 - I will have to leave work a bit early - but that is okay.

I have signed up for two ATC swaps on SCS. ATC's are Artist Trading Cards - the size of hockey cards... I think that they are a great size and you can get ten of them out of one piece of cardstock... I have joined both the pink/brown and blue/brown swaps hosted by shayks and a Bella swap hosted by 2manybooks. I am so excited - I think that I am going to start them tomorrow night because it is the only night without hockey so far this week...

Okay - I am going to try and go to bed now... but it will be hard 'cause I am pumped full of adrenaline from our win!!

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