I {NEED} Picture-in-Picture, in-Picture, in-Picture...

by - Saturday, April 07, 2007

Once again... too much on TV and not enough eyes to watch them all. My Cougs fell to defeat last night - but they must have listened to me as Cyr is the starting goalie tonight... how it is that the boy plays in goal for the series (THAT THEY SWEEP) against Kamloops, and the dude picks splinters out of his ass for game one of the second series? Yeah, I don't know either.

I am going to rant for a couple of seconds here. About shoes. Not just any shoes. But those DUMB shoes with wheels in them that kids are wrecking their damn feet wearing. Not only are they a menace to me and anyone else trying to walk in the mall, but the kids have to walk on their tip toes if they don't want to activate the wheel... I mean - whoever invented them is rich... but they are stupid too... and I would rather be poor and smart than rich and dumb.

Second - I got my hair cut today... how is it that no matter how many styling products/devices I buy, I will never be able to replicate what the hairdresser did? Oh yeah, I didn't go to school to be a hairdresser... I am into my summer look - all blonde highlights (my winter look has highlights and lowlights)... with layers...

Hmmm... I thought I lost this post... but blogger saved it for me... how nice of them. They must have heard me swearing at my computer!

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