So Much to Watch... So Little Time {and TV screens}...

by - Friday, April 06, 2007

Okay - there is far too much going on in the sporting world right now. I just paid $6.95 (plus applicable taxes I am sure) to watch the Cougars play Everett online... I am watching the World Curling championships (Canada vs. US) in the one-vs-two page playoff game, and I am also watching the Giants play Seattle (also WHL playoffs) on TV as well... you may ask how I am accomplishing all of these tasks? Well, I just happen to have two TV's in plain view from my computer chair... pure genious!!

It is very stressful to watch hockey on the computer. I have almost peed myself twice three times already (please note that is just a figure of speach - I have complete control of all of my faculties)... all I can say is that goalies should stay in the net for a reason - and that reason is to make it so that I don't have a heart attack.

On a side note - look at the cool stamp set I found online... now... what would I use it for? Who knows - but it is damn cool!!It is the end of the first, still 0-0... I am off to put on my Cougars shirt!!

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