{Potentially} The End of an Era...

by - Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The era of the 2007 WHL Playoffs that is... my dear Cougars are on the ropes... down 3 games to none... and those damn Giants are a good team - a bunch of whiners in my opinion - but a good team... although they are already in the Memorial Cup as the host team so I don't see why they can't let us win... geez...

Also the end of the "older man" era for probably another hockey season - he is off to Vegas for a tire chain convention so he won't be at tonight's game... I keep thinking to myself that if I just had a couple of more games then I could have made my move - but then again I am a huge chicken and probably would have done nothing... we get along great - never run out of things to say to each other... but who knows... there is the wrap-up party at the end of May - maybe we will see what happens there - but there is always the possibility next season...

Here is something I hijacked off the internet from the Pick Up Success Guide - cheesy yes - but it was one of the only websites that actually just summed up all of the other ones...

How Girls Can Tell He's Interested

Around 85 per cent of couples who just had their first dates remarked that before they were even introduced they were already sending signs of attention and interest to each other. These are couples that did not come from first dates, rather, tried to communicate first and see if they click. It usually begins when either one of them making contact with the eyes, a hint of interest floating in the air.

The big question is: How does a girl find out if a guy is showing interest in her? Basically, that question is also answered by a set of questions. Is the guy responding when there is an attempt for conversation? Does he return back the smiles? Is he showing any flirtatious signs? Enough imagining the past girl, there are tell tale signs to look for to know if a guy has really the hots for a girl. A guy is interested in a girl if:

He gazes at the girl’s eyes longer and more intently than he would when talking to others. The trick is to make eye contact for a short time, then he looks back again and this time longer, lastly, he turns his head to the girl’s direction but not looking at her directly. From the side of his eyes, he’s actually checking if the girl is still looking back or waiting for him to gaze at her again.

He is showing more engaged actions when just trying to show or reach for something; he leans forward when he talks to girl or just when listening for her to say something. He touches the girl’s hand when stressing a point while talking. Even imitates the girls actions and gestures while making a conversation and perhaps to lessen edginess he amuses himself with touching his earring, blending his coffee, playing with a part of his clothing, fixing the hair, etc. He makes sure he looks his best when the girl approaches.

He uses flattering comments and mixes humor to everything he says just to see the girl’s smile with a beam whenever he talks to the girl, well, appreciates even the girl’s silly jokes.

He asks detailed questions, as these exhibits curiosity specifically with the girl. Even when he’s not present, his friends often pay attention to the girl’s moves and whatever she says. This is a sign that the guy has already talked about the girl too many times with his friends, arousing their interest in the girl too. Shows himself off by helping others with carrying extra bags for other persons. Take note: this is done when he knows that the girl can see him.

It is kind of hard to read all the signs, so here’s a summary for girls who do not have all the time to be keen with the signs:
1. Lifting of Eyebrows. A guy’s eyebrows rise and fall quickly upon seeing an interesting girl for the first time. (Hey girl, lift a brow if you’re interested too.)
2. Slight jaw drop. It may not be a nice sight, but the mouth slightly opens during first acquaintance.
3. Seeks attention. Guys have the tendency to be over acting just to stand out and get the girl’s attention.
4. The nose. Take a closer look girl; notice that as his face beams, the nostrils get big.
5. Strikes a pose. After gaining composure he budges into the typical machismo guy position with parted legs, one hand on the side and probably the other in a pocket.
6. He becomes self-conscious. This will be touching his forehead, pinching an ear, or rubbing the chin.
7. Fashion conscious. It starts with smoothing the shirt or pants along with the collar and the belt. On more formal occasions, it will be fixing the tie.
8. Secret friend. He would use the starting statement “one of my buddies want to know if you…” Oh, he’s just trying to play secret admirer dear.
9. Aside from the raised brows during first meeting, a guy exaggerates arching both eyebrows while saying something.
10. Lastly, the killer sock fiddling. Not familiar? Believe or not 99.9 per cent of psychological studies confirmed that if a guy adjusts his socks in front of a girl, he is so interested with her.

Please note that the effectiveness of these acts differ from person to person. That is because each individual may come from communities with a more traditional or contemporary views. Final word, just enjoy and see if someday, real love may be derived from first signs.

I can't say that these signs are necessarily working for me... but who knows??

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  1. Hey Carmen,
    As much as I love my whiney Giants,*wink* I'm so sorry about the Cougars. I really think the Giants want to earn their way to the Memorial Cup instead of just a free ride. I've got tickets for 2 games. It's going to be too cool!
    They say our Canucks don't have a chance against the Ducks....I beg to differ, but I guess we'll see.
    Take care...