It Shouldn't be So Hard...

by - Monday, May 21, 2012

It shouldn't be so hard to find someone to compliment me.

To be the jam to my peanut butter.

Who likes some of the same stuff I do, but has their own interests.

Someone who can introduce me to new opportunities.

A guy that likes me for me... a 6' of me...

One that doesn't think of me as one of the guys because of my sense of humour.

Someone that really is independent... and doesn't just say they are.

A guy who's educated... and doesn't think I'm a snob for thinking that's important.

Someone that doesn't just want to get into my pants...

Lately I've been asked as to why I'm still single... that I seem like a great girl.

It's cause I am a great girl, and deserve a great guy.

And I'm not willing to settle.

Although the rejection is getting a little tough to deal with... I won't settle.

It wouldn't be fair to myself.

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