My Life is Boring...

by - Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Throughout the day I think of many witty things that I could post on my blog. By the time it actually comes to writing on my blog I have forgotten everything and my mind is a blank. So you all get to read my non-witty banter... sorry...

I just booked my flight to Calgary to see Grayson for his birthday. He will be turning 2. On the phone the other day I think he was trying to offer me a cookie, but unfortunately it is a little hard to shove one through the phone lines. It will have been a whole year since I have seen him, Karen and Shane, and I am looking forward to it - maybe they will be in their new house by then or perhaps I will be able to help them move. But either way I am there for like nine days - yeah!

I just went and saw Georgia Rules at the theatre. I still haven't decided whether or not I even liked the movie - it was kind of all over the place. If you want to check out Lindsay Lohan not wearing a bra for about two hours - it is definitely the movie for you. I myself am rather impressed with how Jane Fonda looks - she must be in her 60's by now and looking damn fine. My favorite line in the movie goes something along the lines of "Well you don't have to feed me and brush my hair after you ride me"... typical cheesy movie line.

Okay - I have bored the two remaining readers of my blog probably to death now... perhaps I will speak of the older man later in the week - there is a chance that we will be at the same BBQ next weekend and my new found confidence may be put to the test. But then again, I am not the one with the balls... literally! I will take pictures of my birthday RAK's before I head to bed and get them posted for you all to see!!

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  1. Oh man, you should TOTALLY use your gumption to do some obvious flirting with the man on the weekend! HOW EXCITING!

    And I'm not bored with your blog. Mine is all about being sick. So, um, I win (lose?).