by - Tuesday, May 01, 2007

There is a game of 'tag' going around the stamping blogs... we are supposed to list seven things about yourself that others probably don't know... so here goes... I hope that these are interesting!

1. The reason Trevor Linden is my favorite hockey player is because he wears #16 (not because he is Mr. Canuck, a great humanitarian, a god of a man...)... when I was younger I used to double my age for my favorite number... I guess I stopped thinking this was fun at age 8... since 16 has stayed since then... another Trevor Linden tidbit - I have over 300 different Trevor Linden hockey cards (although collecting them now is tough because I look like a old-lady freak - so I get them on eBay) and a bunch of autographs... I have a Canuck room in my house...
2. I am addicted to eBay - I can find just about anything that I could ever want there. I have also been known to get up in the middle of the night just to bid on something...
3. I moved around a lot as a kid and between kindergarten and grade 7 I went to five different schools - some more than once (the order goes Hornby Island Elementary, Windrem Elementary, Hornby Island Elementary, Denman Island Elementary, Nusatsum Elementary, Rock City Elementary)... luckily after that I just stayed with the same 'kids' and went to Cumberland Junior Secondary and G.P. Vanier Secondary before going off to University.
4. The house that I am living in now is the longest I have ever spent in one house - almost six years!
5. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot inside my mouth, using only my tongue! I can also fit my whole fist in my mouth - someday these talents will come in handy :) I just have to find the right man!
6. I am pretty tall - almost six feet depending on the time of day you measure me... I have come to terms with my height but I still can't find myself interested in a guy that is shorter than me (well, much shorter - I can deal with an inch, but I refuse to bend over to kiss a guy!).
7. This is hard... I can get excited about little things... I remember the day when the map on my blog showed that someone had visited from the continent of Africa... I just about had a bird sitting at my desk... I guess if small things amuse me then I should be good for awhile!!

There - that is seven things... I am not going to officially tag anyone - if you would like to do this than go ahead - consider yourself tagged!!

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  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I am very curious...
    What years did you attend Hornby Island Elementary, Denman Island Elementary and G.P. Vanier?