Damn Canucks...

by - Tuesday, May 01, 2007

'Nuff said about that...

An anonymous blog reader asked what years I went to certain schools. I figure I can answer that... I mean who is going to stalk me anyways? I have a wound on my face that makes me look like Mel Gibson from "The Man Without a Face"... okay - maybe not... it is healing quite nicely by the way - should be scab-less by the weekend!

- Hornby Island Elementary (kindergarten - 1982/83 {where I read Dick and Jane books ~ damn I was smart back then} and the first half of grade three - 1985)
- Denman Island Elementary (other half of grade three to grade six - 1986-1989)
- GP Vanier Secondary (grades ten through twelve - 1992-1995 - can you believe that they let in grade nine's now - I went back for work awhile ago and they looked so out of place! Grad '95 rocks!! - OMG I am sooooo old!!)

So - if we went to school Ms./Mr. Anonymous - drop me a line... it isn't too often you run into someone you went to elementary school with!! My brother also went to the schools - but he is four years younger than me...

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