A Little Bit of Thought...

by - Thursday, October 18, 2007

{Warning... this post may be a little upsetting... typing it is making my eyes tear a little...}

Today a little girl died in a school bus crash in Calgary... do I know the girl? Nope... but it kind of hits a chord. I don't have kids of my own, but when a child loses their life for no good reason (really though - is there ever a good reason?) it makes me think... think about how much I love those in my life... and think that I am glad that my nieces and nephews (for whom none are related by blood but yet there is still a very intense bond) are safe and sound and healthy... and for those struggling a little right now... I know that your parents are strong... and as much as I am not a religious person in any way what-so-ever so I don't believe that there was any davine reason things are the way they are... I know that because of their strength you will pull through and the love that they will shower on you will make you just as strong...

So as much as I don't do the whole "praying" thing... I can sit back and think how grateful I am to be me and whether it is someone up in heaven or just by the luck of the stars in the sky... thanks for my family and friends... I wouldn't have it any other way...

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  1. Carmen, I cried when I heard the outcome of that accident. I heard about it this morning and had to wait til the 6pm news to find out the little girl died. I am never letting Grayson ride a school bus and I know that is not the only problem facing him but I want him to be close enough not to have to worry about that. It does hurt and strikes WAY TOO close to home for me. I am sad and will probably be thinking about it all night.

    But yes, we love you and are glad you are here now.

  2. Very sad. I saw it on the news tonight too. It doesn't make it better when the news can't shut up about the details and what happened to her. I just hope her parents are ok tonight. It makes me cry to think I could ever lose the guys, but that's why as parents and friends we have to put everything into perspective - the minor things in our lives that push our buttons and make us mad - are just that - minor and we should just be happy to take another breathe and another step in our lives and have our friends and children by our sides.

  3. I hate it when stupid things happen.