My New Camera...

by - Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will be this one... a Canon Rebel XT with the 75-300mm digital zoom lens package as well... should do me fine... all for $799.00 at Futureshop (but I am going to try and go through Blacks and get them to price match so that I actually get some service...)... pretty isn't it?Oh... and my planning for my Contiki (or something like it) is coming along - I am thinking 3-4 weeks at the end of May/beginning of June... probably the European Encounter or the European Experience... maybe with a 3-day London excursion tacked on...

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  1. Vera pretty!

    What do you want to experience in Europe? I really liked Italy, but be prepared for the hairy eyeball. They LOVE boobs over there. Mine got oogled and (ack) touched more than a couple times.

  2. oooooooooooo


    very nice!