I am SOOOO Frustrated I Could CRY!

by - Saturday, January 19, 2008

My phone and internet have stopped working for the billionth time in the last seven weeks... that may be a slight exaggeration... but tomorrow... while I wait for a Shaw representative between noon and 5 pm... I will inevitably realize that this will be the SEVENTH time I will have waited for said representative in the past seven weeks... and then I will want to cry... because I pay my $100 every month for internet and phone... and the damn things don't work... so this is the last call... then I fear that I may have to go back to Telus... which is like turning to the Devil... and I am not a huge fan of the Devil since they have the customer service of well... a wet noodle.

Off to try not to raise my blood pressure (which is a health 120/84 according to my doctor... as you can tell on Friday during my appointment I was not having to deal with Shaw)...

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  1. why are you paying so much? I have phone and DSL for 44.00 thru ATT.

  2. Oh Jan... the joys of living in Canada... we don't have the same numbers of companies you do down in the States to compete against eachother to give us good deals... so I pay $45 for my internet and $55 for my phone (which is unlimited long-distance anywhere in the world)... if only it worked...

  3. Tell them that you're not going to pay, or figure out a prorata payment based on the days you DID have service. I mean, you shouldn't be paying for a service you didn't receive. At least that's how I feel. We do this when our Internet service goes out.....

  4. If you are going to switch, be sure to phone them and tell them you are switching.

    Or, um, just do that anyway. I told shaw I was leaving them (internet) so they dropped me to $35/m.

    So I said I'd stay.

    Oh yeah, and I phoned Shaw and made them give me a month's credit on my account for down time when they were first supposed to hook it up. So in that call I got one free month and the rest of the time for $35.

    You need to channel your inner beyotch, er, Jenn.