Sometimes it Sucks...

by - Friday, February 29, 2008

To be Canadian... not very often mind you - only lately when it comes to extreme shipping costs... I read on the Card Felt Greetings blog that Papertrey Ink's shipping costs had gone through the roof for Canadian and International customers... I mean - when I am paying $16 for a stamp set I don't mind - but $18.45 to ship the damn thing? To me they should be riding that stamp set up on a freaking white pony and hand-delivering it to me... and I was waiting for one of their stamp sets to come back into stock... I guess I will never own that set now... oh well...

So much for my love affair with Papertrey Ink... I have already sent them an e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction with their new policy.

To top it off - US customers still get free shipping when orders are $40.00 or more - and we get it up the @ss... good to see our extreme shipping costs are covering the free shipping for our neighbours (and yes - I know that they say the increase is for insurance and tracking... blah, blah, blah - I don't care and honestly insurance should be my choice).

On a happier note - 19 sleeps until Las Vegas!! Woot!

ETA... I just remembered that before Christmas, A Muse Artstamps actually changed their shipping to accomodate a cheaper option for Canada... with the disclaimer of that it could take longer... so I am off to order A Muse's new Sushi stamp set... mmm... sushi... and maybe some other stuff because Linda is cool (and Canadian - or at least she is from up here!!).

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  1. Hey Carmen,
    I believed you, but had to go see for myself. Unreal! I've gone and left my thoughts on their forum. I bought 18 sets last year and all of the new ink, paper, cardstock, ribbon this last order...and paid $23 shipping to boot! Wowza! Can you imagine if this was a while back and our $ wasn't so strong??
    Anyways, sorry your Cougars aren't doing well. Kinda' sorry to see Cooke go. Yahoo...Canucks just scored again!!
    C ya'!!

  2. hehe I just popped over to read your blog after Heather left a comment at mine (cardfeltgreetings) and I have to say i totally enjoyed your commentary on the matter. DO I agree 100%...ABSOLUTELY!!! Thanks for te chickle on such a sad subject!

  3. ......and as you can see I have issues being able to type...must trim fingernails LOL...That was suppose to say Thanks for the chuckle :)

  4. Hi Carmen, I love your blog! My website is a new, grow company and I would love to hear your feedback on shipping to Canada. Everyone hates to pay shipping,... so I would love to have some ideas on how to make this better! Email me:

    Also, I just made a CUTE Las Vegas kit full of the basic supplies! Vegas is so much fun, make sure you go visit the Piano Bar at New York New York... It's one of my favorite stops! Thanks! ~Jen

  5. HA! Don't get me started on shipping. It is why I end up buying so much at this local store that totally pisses me off (okay, remember how you felt at that spot off Massey? Nothing compared to this place in town. Oh and their pref'd cust card is $39. Bite me.)

    There is this random spot in Edmonton I'm thinking of buying from (for paper), but stamps are just peeving me off these days.

    I'll send you the link for the edmonton store and you can tell me if it looks bogus or what.