Why I am Glad Today Will NEVER Happen Again...

by - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disclaimer... as you all may have noticed... my blog has been getting a little more personal lately... I am using this blog as a way to vent about my life... and the trials and tribulations of a 30-something single female in the big city. Some of you know who I am... others only know me through blogland. So - I am telling you now... this post is not gross... but it is real life and I totally understand if some of you never want to come back... oh - and Mom - you may want to stop reading right now... just letting you know...

Today's Timeline

7:45 - get up for work (like a whole 10 minutes early)... do the regular stuff...
8:30ish - arrive at work... do work things...
12:00 - head to lunch for a co-worker that is leaving for another department
1:30 - do more work things
3:00 - notice that there is a message on my cell phone... from New Boy... who says to call him ASAP... my mind starts racing as to why a call is warranted ASAP when we haven't even really talked since our romp date on Friday night... not really worried about this as we have both been working
3:15 - call New Boy back... leave message...
3:20 - notice New Boy has tried calling me back twice... figure this is pretty important so I call him back.
3:21 - informed by New Boy that he has tested positive for chlamydia and in a not so accusing tone blames me... but also lets me know that it is only four little pills and I should go get tested.
3:30 - go back to doing work things because that is what you do at work even though you feel like you have just been hit by a truck.
3:45 - start talking with my co-worker about this and basically come to the conclusion that I want to die... she agrees with me that a trip to the walk-in clinic is necessary and I leave work early.
4:15 - show up at first walk-in... they have no doctor's on this evening...
4:30 - hit the worst traffic this city has ever seen all while running possible "I'm dying" scenarios through my head.
5:00 - want to kill everyone on the road as I try and make it to the next clinic.
5:30 - get to the next clinic only to find out that their doctor is stuck in traffic (for this I actually pity the guy)... and I am number THIRTY (as in 3-0) on the wait list - they expect I may be seen some time around midnight if all goes well.
6:00 - leave for yet another walk-in clinic in the far depths of the city
7:15 - finally get into to see a doctor that performs a swab (yuck!) on me and declares that there are no tell-tale signs of chlamydia but he will give me the pills (just-in-case) and send the cultures off for testing.
8:00 - get the pills from the pharmacy and head home.
8:30 - eat dinner so I can digest pills and fell like crawling into a ball and crying. But I don't... maybe later when I comprehend that this is the closest I have ever been in my life to a situation like this... and I hope the closest I ever come.

There are a number of things I am pissed off about all of this. First is the assumption that I am carrying the disease... like I whore myself out or something. We used a condom. And where I know condoms are not the be-all-and-end-all it is a good start (even the doctor said so - I did pay attention in grade 10 sex ed after all!). I also know that I was squeaky-clean as of the end of June - had my yearly check and since I had engaged in adult relationships since my ex-husband and I split I asked for the whole shebang... cultures, blood work - you name it they tested for it. And it all came back negative. And I know that... and I also know I haven't slept with anyone since those tests were done... because I am trying not to make sex a reason for dating someone... it is a happy bonus that comes after you get to know someone (yeah - I know I didn't necessarily take my advise on that one).

New Guy slept with someone within the last month... said so one the phone himself (not that I hold that against him... it is just a fact in the matter).... it normally takes anywhere from a week to three weeks for any symptoms to materialize. So him saying he started to feel ill on Sunday might just be pushing the envelope a little far (from our Friday-night date... leaving an 'incubation' period of less than 36 hours)... that is IF I were the one that passed on the STD. It doesn't seem that it ever occurred to him that it might just be HIM that could have passed this to me... which hurts me just a little.

I know after reading about a dozen websites that even if I did contract chlamydia, my four little red pills will clear up things in a jiffy. Should I be happy that this is the easiest STD to clear up? I guess so... but part of me just wants to climb back into my shell and never even talk to another man again...

That said... I can't let this affect my life too much... yes... I will be more careful in the future... but even if we waited three months instead of three weeks this could have still happened. It is real kids... it really is.

Please don't hold this against me... and again... I totally understand if those of you that do read my blog want to pass on this one... since I think the new "I'm Venting (or ranting, or being happy - really you can insert anything here)" blog is here to stay. Real life and all.

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  1. That sucks...and he is full of $hit if he thinks he got it from you. Unfortunately this is happened to more than one of my gal pals. After chatting with them, I think our whole circle is up-to-date on incubation dates and the like. It sucks that one can't just actually meet someone and not have it derailed within the first month or so. All my single friends seem to have nothing but horror stories. And don't get me started on sites like Lavalife...

    Be well, my bloggy friend!

  2. It may not be what everyone (especially Mom) wants to read about, but it is definitely real life. You are not alone in dealing with something like that--there are plenty of 20- and 30-somethings who are right there with you.

    It does suck that some guys automatically accuse the woman when they need to look in the mirror for the real problem. Try not to let it bother you too much--he's not worth the anxiety.

  3. Well, I got here reading down from the later entries, but I just wanted to say that I'm all for blog being about sharing and, as you know, he is full of shit.

    And I can say this as someone who worked at planned parenthood for five years.