by - Saturday, September 27, 2008

First off... I live in a city of over ONE MILLION people, and there is NOT ONE evening aquasize course... now you may ask - why would a 30-something single woman want to do aquasize with all the old ladies? Well... it is a workout... and my knee can take it. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor to go over my knee x-rays next week and I am thinking that if there is a follow-up appointment something must be up.

Today I ate a whole package of British cookies. I think I did a pretty good job saving these cookies - I mean - I was in London in May and I still have a stockpile of crap. But tomorrow is the day... the day I start to chart my WW points, my physical activity... and that means writing down everything I eat - even the crap. I looked back at old university pictures... I never really did the freshman 15 or anything - as a matter of fact, my fourth year of university (yeah - sue me - it took five years) was my skinniest year - I look at those pictures and I want to be that girl again.

The skinny-strap tank top girl.

I think I may do something unprecidented... I may just list my weight and measurements for the whole freaking world to see... on my sidebar that is... but that, my friends, will mean that I actually have to do something or you will see that I am a big fat lazy ass... I am still debating on this so we will see...

Until then I continue to eat cookies. And look for pictures of my next Hottie of the Week... all in a productive Saturday night.

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