Sunday Hottie of the Week

by - Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today I am turning to my mother country (as opposed to my other mother country - England - where all my previous HOTW have come from... do I talk about having dual citizenship too much... ahh - who cares - it is cool... so until something else cool happens to me you will all just have to deal)...

He was Canadian... well - he was born Canadian. Like many actors (and we do have lots of good ones up here... comedians especially... Jim Carrey... Mike Meyers... Caroline Rhea - okay - that one may be stretching it) once they start to make their millions in the U S of A I think there must be some kind of Bush-inspired tax break for them to become Americans.

But I digress.

Today I introduce to you...
David James Elliot. JAG. A man in uniform... yummy.

And yes... I do believe he is looking right at me...

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  1. He is a hottie and I have to love the name. Where is this guy now?

  2. DJE is on a Canadian show called The Guard - all about the Canadian Coast Guard... well - the nighttime drama version of it - I am pretty sure he has MS on the show... not really a big role :(

  3. How do I get on this list?

  4. Mmmm he is a hottie!

    Saw your comment on So@24's blog and noticed you are Calgarian - I am ALSO in Calgary!