Things I Have Learned in the Last Few Days...

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1. Diet Coke gives me heartburn. And it tastes like ass.
2. I should not be worried that I will be the biggest girl at the pool... in fact I am one of the smallest.
3. On that note, Calgary does indeed offer evening aquasize classes - I went to one taught by a friend last night.
4. Following the WW point system while 'needing' to go to two going away parties this week and a wedding could just be the end of me.
5. Following WW points sucks and I am hungry... I think because I am trying to eat within my 'low' range and really I should just be happy with anything in the proper range for my current weight.
6. I have been reading... alot. So much that I was up until 1:00 am finishing my latest book. That would be my third book since Friday. And I am not talking Harlequins here... last night was the Anderson Cooper memoir "Dispatches from the Edge".
7. I am more popular on Lavalife on Mondays... not sure why... maybe guys who had a pathetic weekend are more likely to smile at girls on Mondays??
8. This does not mean I don't think Lavalife still sucks.
9. Oh - and you must be over the age of 40 to be considered for my Hottie of the Week - and yes - I'm talking to you SO@24... you have a long way to go.

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  1. Suzanne Somers "diet" is fabulous - and you're never hungry because you can eat all day.

    I lost over 40 pounds (after gaining it on Depo Provera!) and it's been over two years since I did the program. I've gained back about ten total.