You're Seeing it First Hand...

by - Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yup... I am showing off the new blog layout... trust me... there is still a lot of work that needs to be done... but I will be working on things like my links that have disappeared, my maps and all that other wonderful stuff over the next little while. I am a little blogged out right now.

But, in case you are hear for more than just the obvious... here are some things that made me laugh today:

- the New Guy (or as Jen noted in a comment... the new Old Guy) texted me today and asked if I was free any night this week... followed by a stupid text smiley face. I pretty much spent the day with a co-worker trying to come up with one-liners to respond to that... including, but not limited to a) "What - you almost gave me the clap - are you back for a round of applause", b) "Yeah - I am free every night - just not for you", and c) "Are you seriously pathetic or am I just being too judgemental after you basically accused me of giving you an STI?". OK - the last one wasn't so funny... but I am torn between texting back and using a zinger of a one-liner, telling him the truth, or letting the text message float off into cyberspace. I am sure I will come up with something.

- the whole "someone's been im-Palin Palin's daughter". Yes... even with an impending Canadian election (hey - I am doing good - I even know the heads of each of the three main parties here!) I am more facinated with US politics. The whole Palin's pregnant daughter - do I think that based solely on the fact that her daughter got knocked up be a reason she can't be second in command? No. I do however believe that she can't be a good second in command because she doesn't believe in sex education, doesn't believe in pro-choice, and theoretically does not believe in sex before marriage - and for those three reasons her daughter at age 17 is knocked up and newly 'engaged'. Palin has "come to accept her daughters pregnancy and is happy for her engagement" {I am totally paraphrasing that} - well la-dee-dah... she kind of has to because it is in part due to her beliefs that her daughter is in this position. Or maybe her daughter is just a slut... I will let the American people make up their own minds as to whether this is a big deal or not... but I hope that women do not vote with their vaginas just because there is a woman on the ticket... think of the issues that each party brings and their credibility in supporting those issues.

Well... enough about US politics for today... stay tuned for more blogging from me soon!

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  1. Loving the new blog design. And I couldn't agree more. I am listening to Palin right now on She seems nice enough...but who elects someone because she is nice? Can you imagine if Palin was a democrat? Holy crow...she would have been sliced and diced by now!

  2. Ok - definitely send him a zinger -

    How about:

    "Clap on, clap off - f-off"

    A wise person once said to me that a clear concise is usually sign of a bad memory. As a friendly reminder you accused me of giving you the clap, you suck, go away... thanks.

  3. He needs to just go away. Of course, I love the no reply option as I'm big on that.

    Hey, did you call me the other day? I'm screening as we've posted our suite. Yeah. Meh.