by - Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And not just because we have yet ANOTHER Steven Harper Conservative minority government. There are three things guaranteed in this world - death, taxes and the ability for Canadians to fuck up at the polls over and over. And by fuck up I mean not voting because you don't think your vote will count. Which is complete and utter poop. 58% turnout. Freaking Afghanistan had almost 84% turnout for crying out loud.

I digress...

I am cursed because once again it seems like a boy likes me.

And I don't like him "like that".


I mean I like him... I can be myself around him... we joke around and play fight and all that cool stuff (well, it is cool for me anyways).

But I just don't think I like him like I should like him if I want a relationship to occur. I may have just set some kind of record for the number of likes that someone can put into a semi-coherent sentence.

A friend told me today that date #3 was THE DATE... the one where you should know...

And I think gauging by the fact that I don't know... that it isn't meant to be.

I will be single for the rest of my life.

If you have a cat you would like to donate my way I will start clearing it with my landlord so I can put in motion my plan to become a crazy cat lady.

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  1. lord I have to start dating, I want a pool to pick from as well. maybe i can have your leftovers, lol

  2. I have two cats. I would like to rid myself of them forever most days. And then they do something cute, and I forget that I hated them.

    It's the same way with boys.

  3. Hi, I am new here!

    I recently started dating someone new - and I didn't know how I liked him for months! But we had fun together, so I went with wait and see...and now I'm quite smitten!

    So there is another perspective - don't tie yourself down with numbers!

  4. Screw the third date - I think speed dating might be the way to go, you know in the first 30 seconds if he's even worth a second date!

    I've never tried it but it could be fun!