My Eyes! My Eyes!

by - Thursday, October 02, 2008

Women's changerooms suck.

Let's just preface this by what I imagine men's changerooms to look like... greek gods wandering around in the nude... tanned glistening bodies... hair just wet from a shower... thinking about all of this is getting me rather worked up.

Now the reality of the women's changeroom.

Naked old ladies.

Boobs that sag to their belly buttons.

Hair... long hair where there shouldn't be long hair (and I don't just mean armpits here).

Today I bent down to tie my shoes and as I was standing up I got an eyefull of something that reminds me of Billy Gibbon's beard from ZZ Top.
And it was nowhere near anyone's face.

Nasty. Just plain fucking nasty. Trim dammit!

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  1. Hilarious. Of course, I always got a self-esteem boost hanging out with the ol' ladies. Now that my bulbous self can't even see down there, I just have to pray that me and Billy aren't twins!