What I Want My Relationship to Look Like...

by - Monday, October 06, 2008

Well, I hope that you have a great imagination (or know the commercial) because I have been diligently working at the job that pays me scouring the internet all morning looking for the video on YouTube of what I want my next relationship to look like.

It is the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial (no - not the one where it ends "It says on the box, shut up Steve") where there is a cute couple and he rolls a Cheerio over to her... and she picks it up and eats it... and then she playfully throws one at him... all to a Ben Taylor cover of the Macy Gray song "I Try"...

I can't figure out why I want my relationship to include rolling and throwing Honey Nut Cheerios at each other but each time I see that commercial I smile and my heart gets a little fluttery.

And yes... I am a dork.

ETA... I looked for the commercial... trust me I really did... I will continue to scour the internet but until then you just have to imagine how cute it is for a guy to roll a Cheerio over to his girlfriend... ahh... the fluttery feeling just came back thinking about it...

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  1. I would say it's the fact that the couple is flirting even though you can tell they are in a "serious" relationship.

    They are still putting each other first - as in trying to amuse the other person.

    I've never seen the commercial...I'm just saying...

  2. Hey Carmen,

    I'm full service and free! Laughing at passwords is just one of the perks!

  3. And you didn't even link us to it or post it?

    Blogging faux paux Carmen!