I am Having a Tide Stick Emergency...

by - Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have a date with the New Guy in less than two hours and my Tide to-go stick has mysteriously disappeared... and I have a stain on my favorite jacket.

Granted... unless you have super power eyesight you probably can't see it... but I can.

And... what drink do I order on our "let's go for drinks" date? A girly drink, a beer, a rum and Coke?

I think I'll have a vodka and cranberry... a strong Russian spirit with a fruity, girly accent.

This folks is why I hate first dates.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Heheh ... you know what kind of drink I would suggest you order! But, as you know, we have discussed the benefits and downfalls of ordering said drink ... I think that your choice is great. One of my fav drinks - but with a bit of sprite to kick it up. Looking forward to hearing how it went. I am off to play hockey - damn 10 Tuesday ice times!

  2. Ohhh good luck! Hope all went well! Vodka cran is perfect! Where did you guys go? Dinner or drinks or both?!