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by - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I think I have it.

I have figured out why exactly it is that I am not a fan of online dating. It isn't the icky guys or the meat market mentality.

It is the fact that I get attached WAY too soon.

I don't get attached to the guy per se... but to the idea of 'a guy'. The idea of dating...

Which is why I probably get so mad when they don't e-mail me back.


Take this. Not ten minutes after making the resolve not to log into for a whole week (yeah - that statement alone makes me seem like a really big loser... but seriously - I logged on about twice a day to check up on things) a nice looking, normal sounding guy sends me an e-mail (and how I know this isn't because I caved and logged in after ten minutes - it is because I get an e-mail letting me know I have new mail... of course). He's cute, 6 feet tall, and has a decently written (non-freakish) profile - you know - all I have been looking for in a mate (I said that only semi-sarcastically considering the few I have been dealt lately).

An e-mail which was not provoked by me 'favoriting' or 'smiling' first. He sent this one of his own volition.

And I e-mail back... and he back to me... this went on a couple of times over the weekend.

Last night he gave me a call. It went well... he sounds like a good guy... engaging phone conversations, no moments of awkwardness... it was actually two phone calls - for a total of about two hours. He told me he has never spoken on the phone that long to one person in his life.

And now all I can do is keep thinking...

Can one base a successful relationship on a mutual love of mashed potatoes and a hate for turkey stuffing? No... that isn't all we have in common - but honestly - to find someone that loves mashed potatoes (and incidentally hates scalloped potatoes... which are the only kind of potatoes that I also hate) like I do is a good thing in my books.

I really hope this guy turns out to be a decent one... because I am already getting attached to a relationship that hasn't even started.

And I am really, really tired of online dating.

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  1. It is funny, because the first thing that attracted me to Mr. Newlywed [it seriously wasn't his looks...he played football and came to class looked like a sweaty mess] was that I overheard him say that he liked waffles with peanut butter.

    It is seriously one of my favorite foods. I couldn't be married to someone who doesn't share that with me.

    Hope it goes well!

  2. Did you set a date to meet in person?!

    Do you ever put Parmesan cheese in your mashed potatoes? It's delicious. and, even more sinful.

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    My goodness, girl. We are living the same freaking life. I haven't decided if that's sad or comforting. My glass of wine and the fact that I'm making chocolate chip cookies for a guy (2nd date) tonight says "comforting." My heart goes out to you...;)

  4. He had me at the potatoes.

    I am looking forward to further updates!

  5. This is my first visit here. I just wanted to say hi and also, I met my husband online. Good luck to you...

  6. ive done the online dating thing too. and you're right, it can be exhausting. and then you end up building this online romance before the real one even starts.
    ...and, that's a lot of pressure. puts a lot of pressure on the first date and heaps of expectations.
    but, it can work. you know? the guy im seeing now i met through an online dating site, and so far, so good. good luck on your date- when is it?!