Public Service Announcement

by - Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is a public service announcement to all those that are wanting (willing?) to try to date me...

a) Talking on the phone is cool.  But it just doesn't do it for me.  Really - I know that it is great that our conversations are interesting and all.  But I WANT TO MEET YOU*.  In real life... yeah - that may be all 'shallow' of me and all - but something has to be said of equating that phone chemistry to physical chemistry.  The last guy that I talked to at lengths online and on the phone and took forever to meet was Freaky Arm Hair Guy.  'Nuff said.

b) Inviting me to your work Christmas party as what would have been a second date is not cool.  That is on par with inviting me to a family reunion on a first date.

c) I don't really have a c... except to say that the prospect of not meeting you in person for six weeks when you live only 15 minutes from me really takes away from the fact that I thought you were cool.  It actually makes me lose interest in you.

ETA... I just had a venting session with my awesome co-worker (not to be confused with the lacking-in-initiative co-worker)... I mean - if he has two hours to want to chit chat on the phone, he has two hours to meet at a Starbucks.  I don't need a fancy-ass dinner... honestly - I am more of a beer and wings kinda girl anyways.  I am now angry and completely turned off to this guy.  Dammit.

* All references to 'you' may or may not be in direct reference to BAG (Broken Arm Guy), aka "he-who-talks-you-ear-off".

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  1. a couple of years ago, a neighbour tried to fix me up with a guy she worked with. we talked on the phone a couple of times, and he seemed nice. he mentioned taking me to his work christmas party as a second date, too! anyway ... we agreed to meet, but he wanted to do dinner while i was more coffee ... limited time, easy to bail. i went for dinner, and was to meet him in a aprking lot ... i had no idea what he looked like or what he was driving, while he had seen a picture of me and new the make and colour of my car ... he was 15 minutes late, and i felt like a fool looking at every car driving into the lot ... so i left. i was annoyed that he was late at all ... for a first meeting! he ended up bitching me out via email for leaving, and blamed traffic (in a small town ... on a saturday ... whatever) for being late. *sigh*

    however, i am usually the one who is shy to meet in these situations ... i always fear that i am far more interesting on email and the phone than in real life. but i hope b.a.g. sucks it up and meets you ... and i can't wait to read about it! ;)

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I never thought about that. If he lives 15 minutes away, why the hell can't he get his butt off the phone and meet you, damn it? Ugh. People who help me see the "big picture" are always so frustratingly helpful. Thank your co-worker... ;)

  3. He's just not that into you?

  4. I thought about the "he's just not that into you"... but he texts me daily and keeps talking about how great it is that we get along on the phone so well...

    I just don't get it... arg.

  5. Carmen--I had one like that---we talked everyday, twice a day. But then we never saw each other because he wouldn't make time. Yeah--he wasn't that into me. :)

    Of course, maybe he's just a big scaredy cat too.