F'ing Weather...

by - Friday, December 12, 2008

Damn you weather for standing between me and a perfectly good booty call... damn you and your "winter storm watch", 20 cm of snow and treacherous road conditions... damn you.

Instead I am going to watch a hockey game on the TV and bake a lemon poppyseed loaf.  The kind of evening one would expect from an old lady, not a vibrant 30-something single female.

Damn you weather, damn you.

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  1. lemon poppyseed loaf sounds delicious.

    Maybe the weather will clear for tomorrow? and you can rejoice with your vibrant self than?

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM

    i hate alberta-cold. its the worst.

    and currently vancouver has alberta-november-cold temperatures. which is nothing compared to what you have right now. BUT THERE IS A REASON I LIVE HERE. i can't handle the god damn cold.

    oh, sigh. why are there no warm places to live in canada?