It's Been A Long Time...

by - Friday, December 05, 2008

Yeah - three whole days since my last post... I think the NaBloMoPo excitement has finally worn off.  Unfortunately (as I am sure you will be able to tell) I now don't think I can put together a coherent blog post... oh well.

This week I have been sick.  AGAIN.  This time though I decided to use some of my sick days (hell - they get reset at the end of the month anyways) and actually focus on getting better instead of feeling this nagging urge to go to work and save the world.  I think it is working... last time I was sick for two weeks and completely lost my voice... this time I am already on the mend four days later.  Sleep is a wonderful thing.

I am probably a little more excited than one should be about the new Anne of Green Gables movie... every time I see the commercial I resist the urge to squeal like a schoolgirl.  Seriously.  And what is this crap about her not being an actual orphan?  I guess I will have to wait the two weeks to find out all the deets.

On that note... I have been counting down the days until the next Hallmark Hall of Fame movie as well... yes - my life is pathetic and if I don't let out a good cry while watching this movie I will be very upset with myself.  I just checked out the website and there have been 233 prior HHOF (not to be confused with Hockey Hall of Fame) movies... I have some serious catching up to do.  There is nothing like crying buckets to a movie I tell you.

OK... that is enough insight into the exciting life I lead for now... I must go have my customary afternoon nap now...

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  1. wha? Anne is not an orphan! I don't know if I can support this. No Gilbert? No Megan Fellows? WHAT IS GOING ON.

  2. LOVE Anne of Green Gables.