by - Monday, December 08, 2008

I need a crush.

Someone to swoon over.

I don't really care who this person is... I just need someone to thing about that doesn't make my skin crawl*.

Heck - if there was a cute guy at the deli counter at the grocery store that was crush-worthy I would go for it - at least that would give me a good reason to continue to buy lunch meat.

I really need a crush.

* That is a direct reference to Broken Arm Guy who I am avoiding like the plague.  After three phone messages this weekend I finally texted him back with "I have the flu and I am puking.  Will talk later."  I don't think I have ever said puke before in a text... but I think it got the point across.  Don't smother me dammit.  If I don't call back it is for a good reason.

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  1. Where is Mr. Linden when you need him :)

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    So are you looking for someone to think about or are you really looking for someone to thing about? ... Oh, I could so go off on another angle with this one, but I won't. Hehehe ... At any rate, you know how I feel about the crush thing - it just makes the day a bit more exciting when the potential to potentially see him arises ...

  3. I always think I want to have a crush - but when I do I then get all depressed because I am pretty sure he will never like me.

    But at the moment I'm with you, I could totally use a crush.