Sunday Hottie of the Week

by - Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why hello Joshua Jackson, you have come a long way from this:to this:
This picture makes me want to review my policy on bearded men.

Not to mention he is Canadian - and he can skate - which gives him bonus points in my books. I always liked Pacey better than Dawson anyways...

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  1. I am seriously obsessed with him.

    Would you be sad if I told you Mr. Newlywed looks a lot like him?

  2. Oh I've always had a thing for Joshua Jackson! My husband thinks I named our youngest son after him but I hadn't really thought of it until afterwards!

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    i love him, he is such a hottie! are you watching fringe?

  4. oh how i agree with your sunday hottie.

    om nom nom nom. i want to lick him.

  5. I always used to argue with people who liked Dawson more than Pacey.

    And my God, typing that made me want to buy every single episode of Dawson's Creek on DVD.

  6. He look a lot like Ewan McGregor in that picture. Which is weird, because I don't really think he looks that much like Ewan McGregor ordinarily.

  7. Ahhh the anti-dud (being that Dawson was such a dud). I used to be all about Dawson, but then he turned into a whiney cry baby and who has time for that when there is a smoldering Joshua around?

    Point being, he is a HOTTIE.