Plagiarism... an Update...

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well folks... even though I don't believe that I have plagiarized any other blog posts/articles/written works on my blog, in order to end this amicably, I have changed three words.

I changed one paragraph beginning from "Curling is a very" to "Many would consider". I have plugged this into as many plagiarism checking websites as I can find, and to my knowledge, I am no longer treading on thin ice... that is according to the interwebs and all. It should also be noted that these websites only check for suspected plagiarism, and I honestly think that if I were to push this fact I would not be in the wrong at all.

I will however, make it known that even though I have made this change, I do not believe one iota that I plagiarized any other written work. My blog is full of my thoughts, and if my random thoughts happen to be similar in nature to anyone else's, I consider them lucky to think just like me.

I have had a few back-and-forth e-mails with the person who "accused" me of plagiarizing, and while she has her own interests in mind, I also have mine. She isn't a mean person, just the thought of someone telling me they are going to report me to Google because I am supposedly copying their work gets me seriously pissed me off. Google (who owns Blogger) does have a policy on plagiarism and I guess if "convicted" I could have seen my years of blog work go up in smoke. Little do they know I have it all backed up, suckers!

I hope this is the end of the fiasco. I thank each and every one of you for supporting me through posts, e-mails and Twitter comments. I hope that you all keep reading. Heck - I may have gotten myself another reader out of this... heh.

PS... I have turned comment moderation back off... all my regular followers are awesome and if I find a comment I don't like I will just hit the good old garbage can icon!

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  1. Gah. GAH!!!

    *shakes fist at internet*

    Two people referring to Curling as Gentlemanly does not plagiarism make!

    But you are a wise woman, ms. Carmen. No need to catch a ride on that train to madness.

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Nothing but drama when it comes to you and volunteering for sporting events. That is what I lurve about you ... Plus, God help the person that chooses to mess with you and the power of your research skills. I so wouldn't have thought to use online plagerism tools. You my friend, are genius, pure genius!

    Huuuuuurrrrry, Hurrrry Haaaaaaarrrd!

  3. okay, you have to get at least 5 curlers to pinch your bum ... that would make it an ungentlemanly sport and completely screw things up!

  4. okay ... my last three comments here have been an innuendo about paul gross, encouraging you to get smooched by john morris, and suggesting that you get gentlemanly curlers to pinch your rear ... i'm not sure what is going on with me, but i think i may need a man.

  5. Hey Carmen,
    Unfreakin' believable!!! Doesn't this person have something better to do with their time?? Makes you wonder sometimes!
    Take care!!

  6. Hi, I'm just back again to say that I'm still baffled over how retarded this is.


    Plus I'm bored and trying to not just eat random things in my kitchen. I need to go to the gym, but I don't want to. Oh, I wonder if I just plagiarised anyone. Let me check.

    Yep, I just plagiarised two sites:

    They also stated that they need to go to the gym but don't want to. Fuck, what if someone reports me to google!!! ZOMG!!11!!1one

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I can't believe someone would bother to accuse you of plagiarizing something that is 'copyrighted' when all her 'hours of research' aren't even backed up with citations. She needs to get a life...

  8. Dear Carmen.

    You need to blog again.

    Otherwise the terrorists WIN!

    Signed, Jenn