Sunday Hottie of the Week

by - Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love CSI marathons (well, except CSI: Miami because David Caruso gives me the heebie jeebies)... and well... with CSI: NY marathons comes ample viewing of my current Hottie of the Week, Eddie Cahill (I won't hold it against him that he is a Rangers fan)...

And what could be better than a hottie holding a Stanley Cup? I mean seriously... you don't want to know what these pictures are doing to my loins...

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    This is even a hotter pic.

  2. Jenny from the Block11:15 PM

    Your loins? That is the most freakin' hilarious thing I have read in a long time... I just about spit on my keyboard when I read that ... Good choice for the week.

  3. Ohhhh man. That was just what I needed today. Whoa- this comment makes me sound man starved but really? Does it get any better than a hot guy and the Cup? I think not.

  4. I so just nommed his face.