My Phone is Conspiring Against Me...

by - Friday, May 01, 2009

So... yesterday I send two texts to a friend, and get back random responses of "who is this?" from numbers that I have never texted nor even know who they belong to...

Yes... my friend did get the messages... but still - how many people out there have received my texts in the last little while?

I mean... in the last week I have texted about my amazing ability to give BJ's, the fact that I am contemplating becoming a nun, random hockey scores, how boys frustrate me to no end... and I am sure any other number of topics I can't remember because I actually had to change my text plan to accommodate the amount of texts I was sending/receiving I text a lot.

But what really freaks me out the most is that the boy may have gotten texts that were for friends. And where the two "who is this?" texts I did get were from random numbers in another province (that aren't in my phone book or anything and aren't even close to the number I texted except they had the same area code), I can't help but be freaked out a little that somehow wires may have gotten crossed in my phone as well.

'Cause I kinda, maybe pulled a stupid move earlier in the week and showed my hand... a little to early. I guess it is my fault for not learning how to bluff in poker a little better.

That being said... I just sent my last "me initiated" text to the boy (and yes... I got a reply back)... but from now on the ball is in his court. I just had to "pick" the busiest boy in the entire world to be interested in.

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  1. Just stumbled upon you through a link. I have to tell you, the same thing has been happening to me lately. In fact, I just posted about it. Somewhere some wires are getting crossed...and it's not going to end well!