Feeling Sad... and Now Mad... and Frustrated... and Confused...

by - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am saddened by the fact that once again, I have been screwed. Not in the literal sense (although perhaps that happened as well)... but in the let's-talk-and-text-and-visit-and-make-out (does anyone actually use that term anymore?) sense and then the we-will-text-perfectly-fine-one-day-and-then-there-will-be-absolutely-no-contact-after-that-for-a-whole-week-now sense.

BREAKING FUCKING NEWS... guess who just texted me after a week's absence? Yeah... what the fuck...

This makes this post even more frustrating. As I was starting to say before I was rudely interrupted by a text message... things seemed to be chugging along fine... texting, talking, visits... and then... NOTHING. NADDA. ZILCH. A whole week with nothing. Dead air. There may have been points during the week that I questioned the fact that my phone even worked.


And I haven't answered. I am better than this. I deserve to be treated better.

Do I text back*? Does this boy even have a clue? I mean... seriously... a week?

And yes... I know I am overanalyzing... or maybe I am not... but that is just who I am... a crazy girl.

*Oh... and in case you were all wondering... of course I will text back... I am just going to make him wait a bit... not a week, because I am a mature person who believes that excellent communication skills are the basis for a good relationship... but I will make him wait.

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  1. I KNOW! Who do they think they are??? And why is it that they ALL seem to do this?

    Maya Angelou says that, "you teach people how to treat you." Sounds like some lessons need to start getting handed out. ;) If all women united and didn't put up with the BS, hopefully, it would stop.

    Geesh. If you're not that into me... SAY SO!

    *steps off soapbox and goes back to my own blog*

  2. boys are stupid.

    a week is ridiculous ... in this day and age, with the fancy internets and all that, unless you are stuck on the island from "lost" you have no excuse to go a week without contacting someone.

    i would be rude in my text ... i would probably tell him to go make-out with himself. ;)

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Relax! If he's the right guy he'll text back or call or something. If not consider your self lucky and move on. Theirs lots more boy's out there. Just make sure he's the right one! Don't push yourself on him, make him come to you. JMO

  4. I dunno...I was always the type to fall right away. And dammit, you better be calling me the next day. I would be reacting exactly as you are. I worry about going back into that morass...

  5. well if you are following the hes just not that into you philosophy.....you should tell him to piss up a rope. it only takes a second to send a text, so not doing so for a week? ridiculous!

    On the other hand, i can understand. men are more confusing than we are.

  6. A week to text you back? Unless he was away on vacation that is plain ridiculous!