Public Service Announcement

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do not try and move a bazillion pound 36" television to another room without help.

Even if your living room looks way better without two TV's in it.

Because you are bound to drop said bazillion pound TV on your big toe.

And it will hurt like a motherfucker.


A giant motherfucker.

But I am helping it helping it heal by wrapping it in hockey tape because I am all Canadian like that. Hockey tape solves everything in Canada. I think they use duct tape in the US for things like this.Notice the nice new flat screen in the background?

Good news... the nail is still attached and I love my new TV. The cable dude come with my new PVR on the weekend so I can watch shit in HD.

Yeah... sometimes my tomboy side still comes out. I am tv-gasming with the thought of NHL playoffs in HD.

PS... that is not puss on my toe... it is Polysporin. Just thought I would let you all know that. I wonder how many people will find my blog now searching for puss?

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  1. Your big toe is not a beautiful butterfly

  2. That looks seriously nasterrific