Holidays... How I Love Thee...

by - Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next week I go on a week of holidays... which, other than the Christmas break (which we actually get off work - so nice!) will be the longest stretch of holidays I have had since I went to Europe last May.

Oh Europe, how I miss you...

Next week (which is 14 work hours away...) I have to get some stuff done...

- clean the inside of my car - there are rocks under my floor mat that are bothering me. And yes, I know they are under the mat, but I know they are there.
- list some of my handmade greeting cards on Etsy - which means I have to take pictures of them, etc. This will probably take me forever. What sucks is most of my cards are Christmas cards... and it is nowhere near Christmas. Oh well.
- finish season one of True Blood so that I can move onto season two so I can keep up with all my Twitter friends that keep talking about it and I keep closing my eyes (which is kind of like plugging your ears and saying lalalalala - it doesn't really work).
- head to the Greatest Outdoor Show on EARTH!! The Calgary Stampede. This city is going to be full of cowboys and skankily less-than-appropriately dressed females for about 10 days...
- rollerblade at least five times for at least 10 km each time...
- continue my planning of the great Calgary to Calgary (with stops in Spokane, Seattle, Comox, Vancouver and Vernon) 2009 road trip... if anyone knows of cool little eateries in those areas (I am thinking of those "undiscovered" places - like the sandwich shops that bake their own bread and stuff) I would be happy to get suggestions. I tried looking up the restaurants from the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - but none of the ones I am interested in are close to where I am going.
- visit the ice cream shop in Cochrane that I hear has the best ice cream ever... we'll see about that!

Well - considering I have nine days off I think I can get through this list. I also want to tackle some meal planning since the "good" cafeteria at work will be closing for the rest of the summer and my co-worker wouldn't take up my offer to bring me frozen dinners everyday, even if I paid her. Her husband apparently thinks "the freezer is too small" - he doesn't seem to have my dietary needs as a high priority.

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  1. That ice cream place in Cochrane is awesome. Just sayin'.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    OMG, I'm totally with you on the rocks under the car mat. How is it that I still haven't cleaned it!?

    Enjoy your holidays!!

  3. if you end up in Kelowna (so close to Vernon) go to Kelly O' Bryans..... oh wait i totally just googled it and they have one in vernon too!

    have the Pacho's. they are F-ing delicious!!

  4. Ooh... I love pachos! I used to live in Prince George and we would go to Kelly O's for a free birthday meal.

  5. oh i love cochrane. such a cute little town, with yes, delicious ice cream.

    when you're in vancouver, obviously a great attraction is.. seeing me. hah. but seriously. and let me know how long you'll be in vancouver for. there's a bajillion and eight secret/cool little places here. i'll fill ya in on some of them :)

  6. wait - i just remembered that you're going to spokane too! woooo! i also LOVE spokane. (i'm extra happy today apparently. weird). if you have enough time.. head to silverwood while you're there. it's in idaho, but extremely close to spokane, and it is one of the greatest rollercoaster theme parks. yay.

  7. me - being the sleepless in seattle lover that i am - i found out locations where they filmed the movie in seattle - the little eatery that Tom Hanks is in near the beginning of the movie is between the seattle market (pike place) and the space needle. The pike market is amazing and you could easily spend a day just wondering around it - we went to this yummy mediterranean place - I don't remember what it was called but it was in eye sight of the pike market fish toss place and it was on the second floor - great avocado salads...

  8. um... ok - so when i said mediterranean I actually meant spanish/bolivian... it was called copacabana - (I had to see if I could find it once I posted...) you can see the ocean from the second floor and apparently it was named the 2008 best irresistable outdoor seating...