What's in My Bag?

by - Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Awhile back, Erin had posted a "What's in My Bag?" meme... and since I needed to clean out my purse I decided now would be a good time to let you in on what is in my bag...

Keep in mind that until I got divorced, my only handbag was a MEC carry-all over-the-shoulder canvas thing, and normally just stuck my wallet (a guys wallet at that) in my back pocket.

I now own a shelf of purses, including a purple one! Who would've thunk it? Me? A girl? A girl with a shelf of purses? Crazy!

And like Erin... I didn't feel the need to show all the contents of my bag... that cute little removable wristlet on the side of my purse holds all my unmentionables...Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my world...

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  1. omg mine would be a pile of receipts. im so bad with not subtracting my debits. and never throwing them out.

  2. this is an awesome idea!! and half the stuff your purse is in mine too.

    i might just have to do this tomorrow.....

    (2 ipods???)

  3. Heh... I actually have 3 iPods... a iPod Classic, an iTouch and a cute little pink iPod Shuffle.

    Now all I need is an iPhone, then my domination of the Apple world will be complete!

  4. Haha where ARE your keys!?

  5. Jenny from the Block1:18 PM

    Haha I totally remember that MEC purse! So boring compared to what you are rocking these days. So glad that you saw the light in terms of shoes and purses!

  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I love that I'm not the only one that feels the need to carry around more than one iPod!

  7. I totally want to do this. And am somewhat amazed at your gas/banking transaction books.
    And laughed at the "Where are my keys," because that is exactly what I would be saying if I emptied out my purse.

  8. Cool post! I think I might have to do this too...except mine would be all random receipts and a crap load of change at the bottom of my purse. haha